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Top Fall Products from Laadi Designs


Nothing offers a stronger punch or statement than an eye-catching poncho. If you are someone who likes sitting under a blanket, Laadi Designs ponchos are for you. 

Before I tell you the reasons our ponchos are so fabulous, I want to tell you about some of the hardest working artisans in a town called San Baltazar Chichicapam in southwestern Mexico. As you may know, relationships are an instrumental piece of the puzzle when running a business that sells artisan-made goods. Respect, communication, and compassion always come first. That is what separates fair trade companies from fast fashion. The family producing our ponchos are incredibly talented, take tremendous pride in their craft, and are always coming up with new innovative ideas. They are the same family producing the textiles for our sandals. It is an honor to be working with them and meeting spending time with them was a highlight of our last trip to the region. 

Why you will love our ponchos: 
  • DURABLE: They are as durable as they are beautiful. 
  • WARM…without being hot. Being a person who can’t handle any extremes, our ponchos offer the perfect solution to staying stylishly warm without being too heavy. 
  • VERSATILE: Wear with a skirt and tights, wear with leggings, wear with jeans. There is no cap on how you can style these ponchos. They also offer two different tying solutions. Make a belt by tying the strings in the front (love your waist), or tie on the sides. 

Earrings from Guatemala 

This season we have added a collection of handmade earrings produced by a female cooperative in Guatemala City. We carefully curated a line that we knew our customers would love and watching the response has allowed us to add to our collection in the upcoming month. 

Here is some information about the UPAVIM Cooperative where our earrings are produced: 

United For a Better Life. UPAVIM strives to provide opportunities for women to recognize their potential, both individually and as a group of women united by the desire to create a better life. We believe that when women acknowledge their own capabilities, and have the space and structure to develop their talents, they begin to empower themselves.

Located in a "Red Zone" of Guatemala City, La Esperanza is a community plagued by gangs and violence. For the women of this community, UPAVIM offers a place of sanctuary. It is a space for them to be with their sisters and friends, the women of their community who give them love, hope, strength and purpose. It is also a place of employment to provide income and security for their families. While faced with the numerous challenges of poverty and violence, UPAVIM remains a beacon of hope for the women and children of this community.

Why we love our earrings: 
  • Lightweight: These are wonderful earrings for anyone with sensitive ears. They are light as a feather and can be worn comfortably throughout the day. 
  • Style: You can be sure when you wear our earrings, you are wearing a piece of art that you find at your local fast fashion boutique. 

 Wristlets and Extra Large Wristlets

Our best sellers have always been our eye-catching clutches and wristlets but this season we took it a step further by adding a new size: introducing the XL Wristlet. With a size of 13" x 6" x 2" these can fit quite a bit more than our standard size. They add a little bulk but if you really like to pack stuff in, this may be the perfect bag for you. 


Standard Size 

  • 11" x 6" x 2"

Why we love our wristlets: 
  • The LOOK: The designs and colors this season are so lovely and complimentary that it is hard to pick just one. 
  • Depth: Our wristlets are the perfect depth to fit anything you would need throughout the day.
  • Don't purchase if you can't take compliments because you will get them everywhere you go. 

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October 15, 2019 by Alisa Woofter


Anna Koenigs

Anna Koenigs said:

Love all the new additions to the Laadi line! Gearing up to start my Christmas shopping with Laadi at the top of my list :)


Dana said:

You had me at WARM!! Those ponchos look so comfy cozy for a brisk Autumn day. And I loved hearing more about the hard working artists who craft them!


Maggie said:

LOVE the beautiful colors of your Fall clutches! The larger size allows me to pack a few more essentials for a night out.


Katie said:

A fall statement piece just waiting to happen…and supporting women makers too!

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