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Travel sandal with the smallest footprint.

I just returned from the USVI...what a breathtakingly beautiful place. Island life turned out to be for me. I am not one for excess, but I am one for being fully prepared at all times. Meaning, I'm not much of an under-packer. I don't see the point. If I don't pack something, I might end up spending more money buying things on vacation than I usually would. 

I shared a travel bag with my husband and was able to sneak in four, yes four pairs of Laadi Designs sandals without him even batting an eye. They fit so easily between shorts, shirts, and toiletries, he didn't even notice they were in there. 

A few years ago Laadi Designs was featured on The Good Trade in the article 11 Fair Trade & Eco-Friendly Sandals We're Wearing in Warmer Weather.  It is always nice to be mentioned amongst so many brands we admire like Nisolo, Able, Native Shoes, Everlane, Beyond Skin, Christy Dawn, Sseko Designs, Matisse, Insecta Shoes, and OluKai

A favorite component of Laadi Designs sandals is the eco-friendly leather that is vegetable tanned with natural materials in the sun in small batches using age-old traditions. Due to the careful tanning process and the natural tannins, vegetable tanned leather develops a rich and beautiful patina, and actually get better with time and use. It doesn't crack or dry out and has a natural tone and smell.

I would say, Laadi sandals were made for island life. When I think of the ideal vacation attire, I picture outfits that can go unapologetically from morning to night. With our sandals, you will find yourself perfectly suited to hop from one activity to the time wasted on primping. 

Again, we stress avoiding excess, unless it means packing as many pairs of Laadi sandals as you can fit into your bag on your next vacation. Tuck them in anywhere. Your feet will thank you. 


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