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Wooden Hair Stick

These stylish Wood Hair Sticks are the perfect way to keep your hair in place during hot days, at the office, or when you're running errands. With either the teardrop or spiral-shaped end, you'll add a fun flair. Handcrafted in Guatemala by a family-owned workshop off the coast of Lake Atitlan, and Fair Trade certified.

  • Natural wood
  • 5 15/16" L
  • Choose between Teardrop or Spiral
  • Sold individually
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cheri Dunlap (Anchorage, US)

Love them. Thank you.

Cynthia Ann Wintermute (Columbus, US)

i love them

Judy Shaw (Cleveland, US)

These hair pins make my hair look luxurious. I will treasure them and then pass them along to my twin granddaughters to wear for many more years. Thank you!

CSL (Tampa, US)
Best Hairstick Ever

The spiral acts as a screw to twist into your hair and lock it in place (through swimming, rock climbing, cardio workouts, etc, it rarely fails!). Better than hair ties because it doesn’t crease your hair (actually it trains some nice curls if you’ve got wavy hair). Works in my aunts thin hair as well. Great zero-waste alternative. Wood is durable and craftsmanship is high quality (no splintering). Wood color used to be a gorgeous brown, then seemed like they switched to staining lighter woods. Currently the CEO’s color comes out reddish. I still like it but would love for the dark brown to come back.

Kimberly Casserino (Aurora, US)
Awesome Hair Stick!

I absolutely love the cork screw hair stick. It does seem longer from the pictures but the actual length is perfect and the cork screw helps it stay put in my hair. If you have a lot of hair you may need two. With thinner hair, one works well. I highly recommend it!