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Swahili Modern

Swahili Modern believes that it is an honor to bring artisans' handcrafted goods to the U.S. market. Their work would not be possible without the skill of artisans and their beautiful work, often rooted in traditional art forms that have been passed down through generations. Swahili Modern adheres to Fair Trade principles, believing that fair, sustainable income creates the means for artisans to support themselves and their communities.

In many cases, artisans are able to earn a living from home, a benefit that prevents them from having to move far away to find work in the city. Crafting handmade products provides a vital employment opportunity for rural African women in particular, allowing them to create products from home in between daily home responsibilities - thus strengthening their financial independence. 


Handmade Fair Trade African Baskets, Gifts & Decor - Swahili Modern


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