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Mockingbird Felt Ornament

A top seller! Exceptional felting workmanship makes our Wild Woolies Mockingbird Felt Ornament very special. Educational, decorative, and entertaining for birding enthusiasts of all ages. Made with fine merino wool and soft to the touch. 

A fairly famous feathered friend, the Belted Kingfisher is the face of Canada's $5 note. This cute little fellow is often found perched near water, waiting to spot his next meal. A lover of brisk weather - these guys make their home most of the year in Northern America and Canada.

  • 5.5''
  • Weather Proof
  • 3'' Hanging Loop

Meet the Artisans

Metal Artisan in Haiti

Walking into the Kathmandu production center’s reception you are immediately greeted by a cheerful ‘Namaste’ (‘I Salute the God Within You’) with hands pressed together in a prayerful expression. Proceeding into any of the production halls you’ll be greeted by a complete chorus of the same as dozens of ladies press felt into a variety of shapes, while others stitch, needle and applique to finish hundreds of different styles of decorative items for export.

Sheep’s wool is an amazingly adaptable fiber. It can be dyed any color and when hand felted using warm mildly soapy water it can be molded into any shape, or then cut and sewn together as per your imagination. Because the felting and most of the stitching process is all done by hand with natural materials that can be sustainably harvested, hand felted products have a relatively soft impact on the environment. Commercial exports of felted products from Nepal have grown exponentially since around 2000, benefitting thousands of mostly women workers, production managers and family businesses who help support their families and educate their children with their earnings. 

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Felt Woolie Mockingbird

Adorable! I have almost all these woolie birds on my Christmas tree and they are delightful--nice size (not too big, not too small) and definitely unusual. Mockingbird's wings look like the real thing. Fine attention to detail!