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Lost River: 2024 Colors of the Year | Spring-Summer Colors

2024 Colors of the Year: Peach Fuzz and Apricot Crush

These warm colors are a refreshing, energetic take on the traditional orange hue. Cultivating the spirit of antioxidant-rich fruits like citrus and apricot, these shades can be viewed as a natural pick-me-up, enough to face the future with a newfound sense of optimism.These shades are gender inclusive and trans-seasonal, making them valuable wardrobe inhabitants. Some are calling these shades youthful alternatives to pastels.

Radiant Reds
This shade of red has a playful Summer quality, while maintaining its commercial appeal. Both vibrant and trans-seasonal, this color is suitable for a vast range of fashion categories and ages.
Head to toe styling: Dresses, Casual Wear, Outerwear

Powdered Blues: Glacial Blue
Coming off of the New York Runway, Glacial Blue is fueling a wave of subdued colors dubbed “gelato pastels”. This shade in particular adds a serene and calm nature to one’s outfits and wardrobes, and reconnects folks with themes of nature (the sky, the ocean, wind, and water).

     Enhanced Neutrals: Chalk
    Warm, soothing neutrals take center stage this Spring/Summer Season, proving both comfort and sophistication to a person’s closet, and providing versatility, durability, and longevity in color schemes.

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