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Zulu Baskets

We have a great selection of fair trade Zulu Baskets made by talents weavers in South Africa.  The Ilala Weavers weave these baskets from available natural resources including Ilala Palm and Ncebe, a bark of a wild Banana. They use natural dyes that are found locally including roots, leaves, berries, bark, cow dung, and mud.  

Zulu Basket weaving is a tradition that has been passed down from previous generations.  These Zulu baskets were traditionally woven to store beer for wedding ceremonies and the baskets themselves were also given as wedding gifts.  

These weavers are located in Hluhluwe, South Africa.  The Ilala Weavers project began over 30 years ago to revitalize the Zulu basket tradition.  Today, Ilala Weavers help over 2000 Zulu men and women.   

Each Zulu basket is a true individual work of art that is valued around the world.  These Zulu Baskets make great wedding gifts, or beautiful home accents.  




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