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New African Art

New Arrivals from Africa and inspirational ideas for decorating with African Art!


Kuba Cloth Pillows

Add traditional African textiles to your décor with these elegant Kuba cloth pillows.  Kuba cloth is made using a form of embroidery by Kuba women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from the leaves of the raffia tree.  Kuba cloth has traditionally been used for ceremonial skirts where geometric and linear designs symbolize an individual's social and marital status.   Visit our African Inspired Decor board on Pinterest for ways to decorate with Kuba Cloth. 


Mudcloth, or Bogolan, is a handwoven in West Africa, mainly Mali.  It is made by sewing small strips of hand-woven cotton textiles together to form a large piece of fabric.  This fabric is then dyed with a natural dye made from Acacia leaves.  It is then hand painted in a variety of designs using paints and dyes made from local barks, leaves and, of course, mud. Visit our African Inspired Decor board on Pinterest for ways to decorate with Mudcloth.  

Pende Passort Masks

These hand-carved African tribal masks are from the Pende tribe of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire.  They number around a quarter of a million in population, and survive mainly as farmers of millet, corn, peanuts and plantains.  Miniature masks like this one are known as Passport Masks, which are copies of family masks and are carried for personal protection while away from home.  

In the Community

Kongo Across the Waters Exhibit @ Harn Musuem of Art Visit the Harm Museum of Art and see the "Kongo Across the Waters" exhibit.  It is on display until March 23, 2014.  The exhibits shows art and culture of the Kongo peoples of western Central African and African American art and culture in the US.  The exhibit includes a collection impressive statuary, traditional handwoven baskets, and Kongo raffia mats among many other artifacts.

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