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World Fair Trade Day Celebration

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with us - May 9th. 

We are going to celebrate with a Shibori Soiree complements of our partners at Matr Boomie. Also enjoy free fair trade chocolate and coffee.  

Shibori Soiree Noon - 4pm

Learn how to make Shibori, an ancient technique for dying cloth using binding, folding, stitching, and compressing to create beautiful patterns.  The event is free. Please bring a 100% white cotton textile such as napkin, scarf, t-shirt, tote bag or socks and your creativity.  We'll provide the rest!  

How to Shibori

1. Dampen your white, 100% cotton item with water. Make sure it is not soaked.

2. Fold and Tie your cloth.  Don't worry we'll provide examples

3. Submerge your item in indigo dye for 6-8 minutes while gently squeezing the item.  The longer it soaks in the dye, the richer the color. 

4. Remove item from dye and squeeze excess dye then let sit over night in a plastic baggie before unwrapping. 

5. The next day, give the bounded item a good rinse in cold water & carefully snip away the rubber  bands.  Wash material by hand or in the washing machine with cold water, no detergent.  Dry at lowest heat setting in the dryer.  May iron to set the color. 





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