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Tuareg Jewelry

Words cannot describe the beauty of traditional tribal jewelry handcrafted by the Tuareg. Each piece is hand hammered and beautifully engraved with the symbolism and motifs of countless generations.  Using only simple hand tools and implements that could be easily transported on camels (screwdrivers, nails, safety pins, files, charcoal and handheld bellows) Tuareg craftsmen have plied their trade for centuries. Although they now work in a central compound, they continue using the same traditional tools and methods to produce world class jewelry featured in traveling displays at well known museums.

The Tuareg people live in Niger and were Nomads until the 1970′s.  Our collection of stunning jewelry is handcrafted by the Koumamas family.  Some of the most famous Tuareg silversmiths, Mohamed Koumama trained his sons including Elhadji, grandsons and extended family in the craft as his


forefathers did for over a thousand years.

Tuareg people were traditionally semi-nomadic and are often called ”Blue People” because they wear deep blue tagelmusts (turbans) made from indigo. Tuaregs are semi-matriarchal.

This sophisticated Celebra necklace features 15 graduated silver pieces inlaid with ebony stripes and is strung with onyx and silver beads.  Visit our Tuareg Pinterest page to see and learn more about Tuareg peoples.

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