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Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts with Meaning

Visit our Mother's Day Pinterest Boardfor more inspiration and to see a sampling of our Mother's Day Gifts with meaning for a collection of handcrafted and fair trade gifts available at Alternatives.  

1. Lapis Locket

Shining sunbeams surround hemispheres of lapis lazuli set in this .925 silver locket prayer box. This is designed to focus thoughts on a prayer or wish, which is written down, kept inside the prayer box and worn close to the heart.  It is handcrafted by Bhavesh from Jaipur, India.    

2. Leather Jewelry Box

A perfect gift for mom to store her prized adornments.  Shaped like an antique chest, this stunning jewelry box features polychrome motifs embossed on burnished leather.  It is handcrafted by Oscar Pastor in Peru.  Oscar runs his own workshop that supports his family.  Pastor says, "Although my work is what sustains my family, it excites me. It fulfills me. And so each day I renew and perfect my designs so that, through them, I will be recognized as an artisan."  

3. Towels & Soap

Every mom needs some pampering.  Pair a hand woven and organic Turkish towel with her favorite bath soaps and salts. The towels are handwoven by 9 families in central Turkey and are lightweight, thin, and extremely absorbent.    

4. Turkish Pottery

These new hand painted bowls, candle holders, and trivets from Turkey are stunning!  Variations of this colorful Turkish pottery dates back centuries, and were used to adorn royal palaces and mosques throughout the region.  Traditional designs include tulips, pomegranates, and hyacinths.  After the art nearly died in the past century, workshops in Iznik and Kutahya are working to renew this beautiful work of art.  

5. Owl Lapis Earrings - Sold Out

Symbolizing knowledge and intuition, characteristics of every mom, these owl earrings with spiral eyes flaunt plumage of lapis lazuli. They are designed and made by Neeru Goel in India, who started her jewelry-making business to support her daughter.  

6. Elephant Batik Pillows

An elephant design is hand drawn and then batiked to make these exotic pillows with contrasting and equally vibrant batik pattern is on the reverse side. Each pillow is finished with a pom pom trim.  These batik pillows are made by a cooperative of artisans belonging to an organization called IFFAD, based in Chennai, India. This is a non-profit organization that believes in equality and the development of rural and marginalized artisans through the production and marketing of handmade crafts.

7.  Red Scarf

This lightweight, naturally dip-dyed circular scarf is made using a traditional batik technique and trimmed with soft, tiny poms along the edges for a more unique look. Rural artisans from the same IFFAD also make these batik scarves.  This NGO supports fair trade.  The artisans receive a fair salary, paid incentives and retirement benefits.    

8. Fair Trade Chocolate

Don't forget to add a delicious bar of Divine Chocolate to the perfect Mother's Day gift.  Divine Chocolate is free from artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians. Divine Chocolate is a fair trade farmer-owned cooperative from Ghana.  

9. Handmade Card

Mother’s day cards from Sanctuary Springs!  The Sanctuary Springs project offers new beginnings through beautiful card creations. This fair trade greeting card line exclusively employs women in Philippines who have been victims of sex trade. Every card you purchase helps create sustainable employment for these women who are now able to provide for their children and families!  

10. Bengal Jewelry Rolls

Safely travel with your jewelry in this quilted roll bag with block-print patterns and beaded accents. Unrolled, there are three compartments with zippers for organizing jewelry. A colorful cord ties around to secure contents.  These jewelry rolls are handmade in India using block printed fabrics with natural dyes.  Learn more about how the artisans make this block printed fabric in this video from Handmade Expressions, a member of the fair trade federation.

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