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Fair Trade Mother's Day Gift Guide

This Mother's Day give a gift that supports Mother's around the World. 

Visit our Mother's Day Pinterest Board to see our Fair Trade Mother's Day Gift Guide for inspiration and to see a sampling of our Mother's Day collection of handcrafted and fair trade gifts available at Alternatives.

New Arrivals

Fair Trade Abolone Cat Earrings Abalone Inlay Earrings from Mexico These earrings are made in southern Mexico by descendants of the North American Nahua Indian Nation who  make traditional mosaic inlay crafts while carrying on an ancestral way of life centered around the cultivation of corn.  Artisans are paid a fair living wage and are fair trade certified.   Fair Trade Ikat ScarfSummer Ikat Scarves from India This soft and lightweight Ikat print scarf is vibrant in color.  Handcrafted by artisans from remote villages in northern India, most women work from their homes or at local workshops and are skilled in the traditional techniques of these exquisitely designed scarves.     Fair Trade Endless Knot PendantEndless Knot Pendant from Nepal This stylized Endless Knot Pendant is made by Nepalese silversmiths who are world renown for their art of silver crafting.  A tradition that is passed down from father to son.  The endless knot is one of the eight auspicious symbols and very important in Tibetan Buddhism.  It represents the interweaving between the spiritual path and time.    This is part of our Fair Trade Nepal collection made from nickel-free .925 sterling silver for those with sensitivities.

Featured Artisan

Embroiders from Uttar Pradesh India  Fair Trade Indian Emboridery WorkshopIndian embroidery dates back to 2300-1500 BC and is done in various regions, with each having a unique style. For women in rural and urban India, embroidery is an intrinsic part of their lifestyle, and they adorn their clothing with specific designs for special occasions. Today, embroidery is an important source of income for many women and, with increasing respect and appreciation for these products, they are able to live with greater dignity and prosperity. Sevya, a Fair Trade Federation Member, supports artisan groups that have little access to marketing Sevya Fair Trade Tunicavenues by reviving endangered art forms and showcasing their products in the global arena. The chikkan kari embroidery is made by embroiders from the Uttar Pradesh state of India and can be seen on the Fair Trade tunics and sundresses at Alternatives Global Marketplace.


In The News

Bangladesh factory collapse: Who really pays for our cheap clothes? by Anna McMullen We encourage you to read and consider this article on CNN by Anna McMullen about the recent tragic events in Bangladesh.  It is important to consider the ramifications of the globalized market system of consumerism where manufacturing moves to where labor is cheap and environmental regulations are low.  Ms. McMullen states, "As the demand for cheap clothing grows in the west, brands continue to look for ways to race to the bottom on prices, and sadly this involves cutting corners on health and safety". Fair Trade is one of many campaigns/social movements that exist to fight these current conditions.  Not only are worker paid a fair wage, many of them work in their homes and receive business and skill training to fight poverty and improve the lives of their families.  Fair trade clothing options are growing but still limited.  Here are some additional ways to better source your wardrobe. 1. Buy Fair Trade  2. Buy Made in America, Canada, or Europe   3. Buy Vintage & Second Hand  4. Do your Brand Research    

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