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Fair Trade Relaxation & Meditation Tools by Tibetan Refugees

A must for your alter or meditation rooms, we have a great collection of fair trade relaxation & meditation tools hand made by skilled artisans in India and Nepal many who are Tibetan Refugees. These products support Tibetan cultural and spiritual preservation as well as economic independence.

Singing & Meditation Bowls – We have both hand-cast and hammered singing and meditation bowls from Nepal using traditional craft in many sizes including small meditation bowls which serve as great gifts and perfect for travel. Chimes & Tingshas - Tibetan tingshas are traditionally used for meditation, ritual ceremonies and as an elegant and powerful decorative element. Our Tibetan chimes are individually sand-cast in Brass and hand-tuned to ensure clarity. Both are made by the Tibetan colony of Lingtsang in northern India. 

Incense - Incense is an important part of Tibetan and Nepali life and recipes are laid out in prayer books using specific ingredients for meditation and healing. It is pure incense; there is no stick so it's best to burn laid in a bed of sand. The Tibetan incense is available in Meditation, Relaxation, and Healing.

Prayer Flags – Our Tibetan prayer flags are available in paper and cloth hand made in Nepal. The cloth prayer flags are hand silk screened on cotton for by the Tibetan Nuns Project in Dharamsala, India. A portion of each purchase helps to provide them with a safe environment for furthering their studies. Be sure to pick up a calendar with all of the auspicious days for hanging your Tibetan prayer flags.

Mala Beads – Traditional used by Hindus and Buddhists to keep count while reciting or chanting mantras, our malas are available in both 108 bead necklaces and smaller bracelets. We have them in rudrasksha, bodhi, sandalwood, rosewood beads.

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Tibetan products

Tibetan products

August 04, 2017

Nice and useful in this article
Tibetan products
Tibetan products
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