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New Chakra Balancing Jewelry

The 7 Chakras - Balance your Energy


Chakras are known to be force centers of energy permeating from points along the center of our body.  Traditionally, chakras are present in Hinduism and Buddhism, and have become popular in western New Age healing.  The 7 chakras each have a distinct purpose, meaning, or state of consciousness.  These energy centers are often under or over active causing imbalances and thus an unhealthy state of being.  There are many recommended ways to realign your chakras including meditation, yoga, consuming certain foods, and aromatherapy.  Learn more at

Are your chakras in balance?  Try this Chakra Test at Eclectic Energies (It’s harmless, no personal information needed).   Or try a pendulum test.

Wheel of Life Chakra Pendant

Chakra Balancing Jewelry

Our sterling silver & semi-precious gemstone Chakra Balancing jewelry is handmade in India.  Each piece includes a stone representing each chakra, great for those seeking balance in life!

Amethyst– Crown (Enlightenment Consciousness)
Iolite -Third Eye (Intuition, Wisdom)
Blue Topaz– Throat (Expression, Communication)
Peridot– Heart (Love, Compassion)
Citrine - Solar Plexis (Introspection, Growth)
Carnelian– Naval Sacral (Desire, Creativity)
Garnet– (Root-Security, Health)

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