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A Special Gift | New Hill Tribe Jewelry

Hill Tribe Silver Jewelry

This new collection of jewelry from Thailand is made by talented Thai artists using handcrafted Hill Tribe silver beads and pendants.  A majority of Hill Tribe Silver jewelry is made by the Karen people of Northern Thailand.  The Karen silversmiths are known for making high silver content (over .925) beads using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Hill Tribe beads are typically small engraved beads with plants, flowers, animals, or geometric designs which reflect their culture. 

The Karen are one of the six major hill tribes that reside in the “Golden Triangle,” a region that connects Thailand, Loas and Burma.  These six tribes include the Akha, Lahu, Karen, Hmong, Mien/Yao and Lisu.  Each tribe has distinct language, culture and colorful hand-woven clothing and jewelry, which is still worn today.  The Hill Tribes live in remote rural villages and are mainly agriculturalist.

These items are available in our store in Gainesville, FL.  352-335-0806

Turquoise & Amazonite Necklace $112

A special Karen Hill Tribe Necklace with sterling silver beads and florid cubes accompanied with turquoise and an large round amazonite stone.

Karen Nature Flower Necklace $129

A great gift for nature lovers, a very stunning double Hill Tribe silver beaded chain with leaves, flowers, and a dragonfly. 

Garden Flower Necklace $89

Pearl dewdrops and a dragonfly with leaves accent this Hill Tribe silver floral pendant necklace.  The floral pendant is two layered .950 Silver pendants on a .925 sterling silver chain.

Traditional Thai Hoop Earrings $34

A traditional Thai Hill Tribe motif made into modern fashion, these endless sterling silver hoops feature geometric motifs and are .925 sterling silver.

Ladybug Charm Hoop Earrings $42

These Karen Hill Tribe Ladybug Charm hoop earrings resemble elegant ladybugs.  .950 silver with .925 sterling silver hooks. 

Hill Tribe Elephant Bracelet

This elephant charm bracelet is crafted by hand with silver beads and a charm made by Karen silversmiths in .950 silver.  

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