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Thai Holiday Jewelry Collection

 Our collection of Holiday Jewelry from Thailand include works from the Hill Tribe peoples, available in store. 

Thai Moonlight Earrings

Thai Moonlight Earrings $54

Handcrafted by Chanatip Na Lampoon, a talented artist living in Bangkok.  She incorporates traditional Karen hill tribe silver beads to create elegant designs that are a mixture of both ancient and modern styles.  These earrings are stunning and made with .950 sterling silver with .925 sterling silver ear wires.


Fair Trade Ladybug Earrings

Ladybug Charm Hoop Earrings $42

These ladybug charm hoop earrings are handcrafted by Karen Hill Tribe artisans to resemble elegant lady bugs.  .950 sterling silver with .925 sterling silver hooks.



Hill Tribe and Tiger's Eye Earrings


Beauty at Sunset $44

These are elegantly designed with tiger's eye, carnelian, black agate, garnets embossed with silver beads by hill tribe artisans. 

 Akha Singlet Bracelet

Singlet Bracelets by the Akha

These singlet bracelets are made with semi-precious stones and Akha Hill Tribe beads.  They are adjustable to two sizes.  The Akha people are one of the three Hill Tribe peoples living throughout Thailand, Loas, and Vietnam.  This project employs over one hundred artisans and is fair trade certified. 



And since I am a big fan of Hill Tribe jewelry, I thought I'd share a recipe for Hill Tribe Curry.  Please be aware, it is much different that standard Thai Curries.  I gave it a try at Pam's Real Thai Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.  Kaeng Pa - Jungle * a popular hill tribe spicy watery curry with bamboo shoot, mushroom, red pepper, long bean, basil and galingale. It contains no coconut milk, as coconuts are not naturally found in the jungles of the Thai highlands. 


2 Tbsp red curry paste
250 g. chicken breast
1 can baby corn
100 g. long green beans
4-5 mushrooms
7-8 slices galangal
1 lemon grass
1 cup basil leaves
3 krachai roots
3 young pepper corn
1 long cayenne pepper
2 Tbsp fish sauce
2 tsp sugar
2 ½ cups water

1. Wash lemon grass and galangal, pat dry, and slice lemon grass into pieces. Peel galangal, slice into pieces, and then well pound lemon grass and galangal in a mortar.

2. Add red curry paste, well pound curry paste, lemon grass, and galangal until mix well.

3. Wash long green beans and mushrooms, pat dry, cut long green beans into 2” lengths, and cut mushroom in quarter.

4. Cut baby corn into 1" length.
5. Wash long cayenne pepper, pat dry, and slice into pieces, then shred krachai.

6. Slice chicken breast into small pieces.

7. Pour 1 cup water in a pot, bring to boil on medium-high heat, add curry paste, and stir well. When the curry is boiled, add sliced chicken.

8. Stir regularly until the chicken is cook, add 1 ½ cups water, when the curry is boiled, add cut long green beans, stir well.

9. When the curry is boiled again, add cut baby corn, stir well, season with fish sauce and sugar, then mix thoroughly.

10. Simmer the curry for 10 minutes, add sliced mushrooms, sliced long cayenne pepper, shredded krachai, young pepper corn, and basil leaves, stir thoroughly, then remove from heat.
11. Put “Kaeng Pa” in a bowl and serve immediately.

Full Recipe with Photos at

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