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Unique Gifts for Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day, give a gift that gives twice!  Here is a selection of handmade items from around the world available at Alternatives Global Marketplace.  With the purchase of these fair trade items, you are supporting a process that brings dignity to a people's struggle for economic independence. 


Fair Trade Kisii Stone Dish

Kisii Stone Carvings

This fair trade blue heart dish is hand carved from kisii stone and inscribed with the phrase "Be the Change". A great place to store keys, change, or jewelry. These hearts are hand made by members of the Kisii tribe in Kenya from stone found in western Kenya where they live. The men have become excellent craftsmen and income from the sale of these items provide relief from the economic suffering in this area.  This project is certified by the Fair Trade Federation.

Heart Milagros


A beautifully hand painted heart milagro, perfect for Saint blessing or a thoughtful memento between friends or lovers.  Milagros,  meaning miracles in Spanish, are religious folk charms found in many areas of Latin America and Southern United States. They are used to seek help or protection from a higher being, often Saints.

 Love Day of the Dead Art

Lovers Day of the Dead Art

A way to remember your lost loved ones this year, or a unique memento of your love for those Day of the Dead fans out there!  Day of the Dead (Spanish Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated in Mexico and other Latin American countries and is also called All Souls Day.  The religious holiday is celebrated in joyous remembrance of deceased loved ones. Beautiful skeleton folkart is crafted and purchased to place on home altars and at the cemeteries in homage to one's ancestors.

Ceramic Heart Hooks

Ceramic Heart Hooks

This hand-painted heart hook will help hold keys, bags and coats while adding a delicate color to your decor. Hand made and painted in India.

 Global Mamas Citrus Apron

Batik Apron

This hand-batik apron in a citrus orange print is backed with recycled flour sacks from Ghana. It ties at the waist and has a neck strap. This apron is hand batiked by a cooperative of women-owned businesses in Ghana and is certified by the Fair Trade Federation.  Hot batik wax is painted or stamped onto fabric, which is then dyed.  After one or more dyeings, the batik wax is removed, revealing different colored patterns.  Cracks in the batik wax give patterns the "crackled" look so unique to batik

Fair Trade Indian Block Print Scarf

Ajrak Block Print Cotton Scarf

This beautiful fair trade cotton scarf has been created using the ancient technique and colors of the "ajrakh" style of block-printing.  The shapes and motifs common in this very traditional style mirror the historical architectural designs of the Kachchh region's jali windows and trefoil arches.  Created by artisans in India who use traditional designs initially hand-carved into wooden blocks.  These blocks are then used to block-print the fabrics.  This project is certified by the Fair Trade Federation.

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