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Fair Trade Diaper Bag : Top 10 Essentials


I've been lugging around a diaper bag for nearly two years as I try to keep up with my young daughter.  We've put together a list of top 10 essentials which include some of our favorite fair trade and organic products. 

1. Fair Trade Recycled Diaper Bag from Cambodia

Check out our line of fair trade diaper bags and totes.   A farmer in Vietnam feeds fish in this farm.  The fish feed bags are then discarded.  Disadvantaged women in Vietnam and bordering Cambodia, collect these bags, clean them, and then make a variety of bags that are lightweight, bright, and functional.  This project provides these women with sustainable income and is fair trade certified.

2. Global Mamas Dress from Ghana

These adorable hand made batiked dresses and shirts by Global Mamas, a women's cooperative in Ghana, are great for everyday or a special occasion.  So different and unique from most other children's clothing today.  This project is certified by the fair trade federation. 

3.  Wipes

Don't forget those wipes, we use the unscented!

4. Changing Pad

Things can get messy but this is especially helpful for public restrooms.  Who wants to lay their baby on a public changing table with no pad?  Plus, they are almost always out of the paper liners.

5.  Toys

Every child has their favorite.  The elephant posted is fair trade and made by a group of weavers in India. 

6. Hand Sanitizer

I don't use it all the time, but in a pinch it's a savior. 

7.  Moisturizer or Diaper Creme

This Wee Rubwas a gift at my baby shower.  It safe and smells very calming.  My favorite part is that it is made by another great small business, Indigo Wild. 

8.  Diaper

The whole reason for carrying the bag!  We tried cloth with no luck.  If you use them, you are one heck of a woman!!!

9.  Book

One of my daughter's favorite book.  Her grandmother who loves to dance gave it to her. Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig (author) and Marc Brown (illustrator).

10. Health Snacks

I love Sprout Snacks and so did my daughter! 

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