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Yemenite Jewish Jewelry by Ben Zion David

Ben Zion David is an 8th generation Yemenite silversmith who lives in Israel.  Ben Zion David creates modern jewelry based on traditional Yemenite Bridal jewelry using traditional techniques. 

The history of Jews in Yemen is long-dated with many periods of deep persecution.  Today most of the Jews have left Yemen.  Over these periods, they were known to be excellent artisans, especially known for silver work.  They created jewelry and other metal object for both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities in Yemen. 

Yemenite Brides, both Jewish and Muslim, were lavishly adorned in jewelry made by Jewish silversmiths.  Their costume included an elaborate headdress, amulet cases with rows and rows of necklaces decorated with bells and corals, filigree bracelets and rings on every finger. 

The tradition was maintained Israel in some manner and few silversmiths passed their knowledge of this skill to their children. 

Watch Ben Zion David make a traditional cuff using the ancient handwork in this video.

 Our collection of Yemenite inspired jewelry is made by Ben Zion David and his team at his workshop in Israel.  The pieces are a modern twist on Yemenite Bridal Jewelry, still handmade using traditional techniques and modern improvements.  See our full collection here






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