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Fair Trade Kid's Sweaters for Fall

Our new collection of hand-knitted sweaters are designed and knitted by families around Otavalo, Ecuador such as Daniel & Marlena Morales, pictured above. 

Marlena learned to make sweaters including knitting and dyeing when she was five from her parents.  Her whole family is established in this craft. Her and her husband also design sweaters from original drawings. Marlena now purchases machine processed yarn, dyed to the color she orders.

When they have a lull in orders they help their parents or other families complete orders from other clients and vice versa. Parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters all pitch in to help each other. Many nuances go into creating original designs – they put a lot of love and pride into their work. Every sweater is made stitch by stitch by hand.

Through their work, they aspiration to continue to increase their business and production to help their daughters finish their studies and care for their needs.


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