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The Perfect Eyeglass Holder

One of my new favorite products is our new Peacock Eyeglass Holder.  My eyes are very bad.  I wear contacts which correct my vision to nearly perfect during the day but at night I take them out and use my eyeglasses.  I am still waking up about 2-3 times a night to care for my 5 month old baby.  At least twice a week I drop my eyeglasses on the floor or behind my bed when I set them on the night stand.  This is a big problem for me because with out them I cannot see to find them but I need them to go take care of my daughter.  Thus I end up crawling on the floor feeling around in the dark trying not to wake my husband.  Last week I even took a photo with my cell phone so I could examine the area closely on my screen.  With this new eyeglasses holder, my problem of dropping my eyeglasses is solved.  This little guy would also be perfect for keeping track of your reading glasses. 

Eyeglass Holder

This eyeglass holder is a beautifully and carved peacock.  Artisans in a Muslim rural region in north central India have a tradition of wood carving.  They use sustainable rosewood and natural wax and paints.  This art form requires mastery to create intricate carvings, filigree and inlay.  This fair trade project brings income opportunities to an area where it is limited.  The project focuses on sustainable income generation, skills development and raw material allocation. 

Watch for more on the inspiring story of our Woodcraft artisans:



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Virginia Voorhees

Virginia Voorhees

June 07, 2017

Great video about the wood workers and how you supplied them with masks.

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